SIMS Advisory assists in the assessment of the effectiveness of the governing body, it's committees and individual members and Company Secretaries by applying the best-suited methodology, whether it is by way of an online questionnaire, personal-in-depth interviews or group facilitation of a combination of several of these methodologies dependent on the needs of the organisation.

Due Dilligence

We assess and report on the prevailing level of corporate governance in a target organisation. Our report includes findings and recommendations for implementation and reassessment after initial implementations.

Governance Audits

We conduct a gap analysis to establish the governance structure , charters, terms of reference, delegations of authority, declaration of interests and policies and procedures in place. The result is a findings report with the fit-for-purpose recommendations and, once implemented, a second audit to ensure correct application.

Governance Opinions

As each scenerio is different we investigate the status and provide organisation with legally sound governance opinion. As far as possible it is our methodology to report on findings accompanied by recommendations which can easily be practically implemented.

Governance structures
and frameworks

SIMS team provides upstart guidance and advice on corporate governance principles for all organisations, governing bodies, board members and executives and Company Secretaries. Our team provides guidance on the construction of an overall framework to achieve sound governance practices.

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