ESG Matters

SIMS offers advisory services in ESG to organisations seeking to deploy capital or receive capital for growth and impact investments. To build resilient organisations, to defend them with ethical governance and to unlock value with smart ESG solutions, SIMS guide clients to develop a custom made position on ESG matters based on a comprehensive understanding of relevant factors,and opportunities. We embed ESG into business and decision-making processes for precise solutions.


  • Development of end-to-end ESG management system through offering bespoke ESG framework, policies and procedures;

  • Design of user-friendly proprietary assessment tools, data analysis and reporting;

  • Conduct Due Diligence on potential investments with rapidly deployed specific and measurable corrective actions plan and value creation;

  • Investment monitoring for on-going management of ESG corrective action plan.

  • ESG reporting on fund or company level.

  • Portfolio evaluation for regular reviews or pre-exit preparedness.

  • We provide tailored ESG training at investment firms, fund managers and companies.

  • We conduct ESG audits to ensure clients remain compliant with investment mandates.

  • We assist our clients to bridge the information gap of impact investment and ESG management. This is through our strong understanding of local content, global connections, sector engagement and deep domain expertise.

Our ESG Approach

SIMS espouses an integrated approach that ensures effective inclusion of ESG into its clients' investment philosophy. Such an approach is aimed at mitigating against any ESG risk that may impact on the investment and other economic activities of the client company.

Our Approach In Steps

Sustainability and impact investment are critical. To achieve this, we have embedded the following ESG themes in our approach

  • Job Creation- Sustainable economic achievement requires strategies for the significant creation of stable jobs, entrepreneurship development, scale up of small and mediun enterprise and skills development.

  • Inclusive Economic Prosperity- Transfromed economic development, where investments not only deliver higher risk-adjusted returns, but also inclusion of society, leading to sustainable social and environmental impact.

  • Gender Equality- An ethical basis to achieving mutually advancing economic success through financial and economic inclusion of women as investors, entrepreneurs,employees and customers

  • Youth- Remaining open to the creativity and skills of a large part of the population to achieve a demographic dividend that creates a stable economy designed for growth.

  • Climate Change- Through deliberate resouce efficiency strategies, we assist our clients to explore noteworthy opportunities for investors to integrate and employ alternative solutions for a more sustainable future with better cost-benefit outcomes than conventional methods.

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